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Electric Bike Tours

3 Hour Tour for $75.00


See the region in a way you’ve never done before. Relax as the electric bike assists you up hills through the stunning landscape of the Sooke River Valley. As you head towards the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, you’ll follow the Sooke Basin Southeast while enjoying the sun glisten off the water. Experience the joy of electric powered bikes as you quickly climb inclines without shedding a bead of sweat as you head towards Matheson Lake.

Our Bikes

Based just a Strait away, Brodie bikes are as local as they get. With 27 years of experience, Brodie bikes are built with the cyclist in mind. Brodie bikes offer our riders a comfortable and stylish biking experience. At Rush Adventures our fleet consists of the Brodie Journey series of bicycles. These bikes offer an ergonomic and upright riding position so our clients can lookout at the beautiful scenery Sooke has to offer.

The best part? These bikes aren’t just powered by your legs, but also with an innovative electric system known as BionX! The BionX systems seamlessly analyze the cyclist’s pedal rate and torque to apply electric assistance creating a smooth and comfortable ride. BionX bikes offer four levels of assistance, reaching up to 200% less energy exertion on the cyclist’s behalf. This assistance is transitioned into the ride so smoothly that it doesn’t distract from the biking experience, but instead allows the cyclist to enjoy the ride and scenery.

Tour Destinations

Galloping Goose

To truly experience Victoria, the cycling capital of Canada, you must take a ride along the Galloping Goose. Spanning 55km from the heart of Victoria out to Sooke and the former Leechtown, the Galloping Goose allows hikers, horseback riders, and cyclists to travel the beautiful Capital Regional District immersed in nature. Around Rush Adventures you will enjoy the Sooke River Valley and Roche Cove ecosystems along the trail. Cycling towards Roche Cove you will ride through the stunning fir and red-cedar forests with views of the beautiful Sooke Basin. Towards the Sooke River Valley you will experience a slight incline and begin to notice the Sooke River flowing in the valley below. Crossing multiple wooden trestles the Sooke River plunges into the renowned Sooke Potholes.

Sooke Potholes

The Sooke Potholes is a provincial park located in the backyard of Sooke. Formed during the last glacial period 15,000 years ago, the potholes are a series of polished rock pools naturally carved out in the bedrock of the Sooke River. Today the potholes are a popular swimming location for locals and tourists alike. The clean and clear water running down the Sooke River offers the perfect place to swim, relax, and picnic while you cool off from the summer’s heat.

Matheson Lake

Matheson Lake is one of the many regional parks in the Capital Regional District. Located along the Galloping Goose trail, Matheson offers the perfect place to step off the trail and enjoy an afternoon beside the lake to melt away the stresses life has to offer. With a sandy beach and warm water temperatures Matheson is a prime location to take a quick dip before continuing on with your day.

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